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Amber M. Moran Marine & Wildlife Artist

Amber M. Moran has been passionate about art, nature and wildlife since a very young age.  Her artwork is largely influenced by the tropical environment of South Florida. She enjoys using marine life and other wildlife as subject matter since they already hold such brilliant color. By using the combination of paint splatters and drips she artistically portrays the environment, such as the ocean, while expertly capturing fish and other wildlife realistically. Her trademark style combines watercolor and illustration by extending her artwork onto the mat using black ink creating a "window" of color. Amber is an exhibiting artist in South Florida as well as the "Treasure Coast" and her artwork hangs in many homes globally.

 Amber received her AAS Degree in Computer Art and Design from Alfred State College, her BS in Studio Art from the University at Buffalo, and her MS from Elmira College in General Education. As a Graduate Assistant and Assistant Coordinator of the Encore program of Elmira College she educated students in the exposure, exploration, and appreciation of the classical and cultural performing arts. Amber has also worked in many other careers that have enhanced her artwork in some way ranging from a Sign Designer, to a Creative Product Coordinator, Box Office Manager to a South Florida Tour Guide, to a College Administrator to a Mother.  Amber enjoys studying marine life not only to enhance her artwork but to inspire her boys who already have a love for the ocean to have a love for coastal conservation as they grow older.  She is inspired to raise money for various environmental organizations and charities in South Florida. She also enjoys being a part of the MCAC Artificial Reef Fund and Lionfish Round-Up Tournaments each year. 

Amber is a resident of Stuart, Florida with her husband and two young boys.


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