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What type of leader are you using on the water - mono or fluorocarbon? The tackle shop or even your tackle box can be an intimidating place when you aren't sure what to grab.

Monofilament line got its name by being made of one single strand of line - mono (single) filament. Standard monofilament leader can be a cheaper option for putting leader onto the end of your main line, but as with all things in fishing if you want to spend more money the option is always there!

The general characteristics to be aware of with monofilament leader are that it absorbs water, it stretches, it has good quality abrasion resistance, it absorbs sunlight and as stated above it’s generally quite cheap.

Depending on the type of fishing you are doing this can bring positives and negatives. If you are fishing in reefy territory where there’s a likelihood of getting snagged, the price of that leader is going to be a benefit to you through its abrasion resistance. If you’re fishing with surface lures the line’s water absorption makes it heavy and it will start sinking which will ultimately have an effect on the action of your lures as will the line’s visibility due to it absorbing sunlight. If you’re trolling lures, the stretch of the line will help act as a shock absorber when the lure gets hit.

Fluorocarbon leader is still a single filament line but its make-up is slightly different and the first thing this affects is the price. Fluoro is significantly more expensive than standard monofilament leader. Fluoro is less porous than mono which means it absorbs little water, it sinks, and it also has a ‘refractive index’ very close to water which results in sun shining through the leader therefore making it difficult for fish to see it. The leader is also more abrasion resistant and it has a low level of stretch.

If you’re lure fishing in extremely clear water, using leader which is difficult to see underwater will only make your lure more appealing to a fish. As the leader doesn’t absorb water or sunlight this also ensures the line has a longer shelf-life and it won’t break down as quickly as monofilament line. The low stretch nature of the line will also help to feel smaller bites.

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